[Week 3] The Medium is the Message I: Trajectories of Convergence

Here is this week’s video message (made by yours truly, of course)!

This is a rambling manifesto video I created as a response to Mark Federman’s text, explaining the meaning behind the phrase, The Medium is the Message. The excerpt below, I feel, sums up essentially what I am trying to say in the video. It speaks briefly about how the medium and the message have a relationship of building on one another, and how choosing the correct medium for your message is important for the message and in some cases can even mean more than the message itself.

“But McLuhan always thought of a medium in the sense of a growing medium, like the fertile potting soil into which a seed is planted, or the agar in a Petri dish. In other words, a medium – this extension of our body or senses or mind – is anything from which a change emerges. And since some sort of change emerges from everything we conceive or create, all of our inventions, innovations, ideas and ideals are McLuhan media.”

– Mark Federman, What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message? P. 2

A consideration in choosing the correct medium would be the history of the medium itself – and possibly the future of said medium. How important was it in the past – how was it used in the past and will it be used differently in the future, or will it be obsolete?

Radio is still going strong as a medium – although it has changed dramatically since the days of crackling AM stations where the family would huddle around and listen to news. Even after the shift from analogue to digital, it continued shifting. There are now stations that are available through the ‘internet’ – and podcasts were a new medium borne from radio’s humble routes. Will radio die? No – however the current iteration of it may. I think in the future radio will be mostly carried through the internet, with every car and radio unit able to connect to the internet satellites.

Let’s have a look at the humble beginnings of radio with thanks to the J.Willard Marriott Library!


Brief look at where my artifact is:

I have been thinking about my artifact lately, although briefly. I have a topic I’d like to cover, however I am unsure of how I would be making the artifact itself.

At the moment I’d like to look at making a short guide to building up an online presence for small business or gaming channels, so I will be spending the next few weeks refining that topic and looking up ways to research it.



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