Digital Artifact and Contextual Essay

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Contextual Essay

“A crash Course in Social Media for the time-poor small business!” is a digital PDF mini-guide for people who are interested in or who have start a small business either as a business entity, a freelancer, or a sole trader. The original intention for this digital artifact was for it to be a series of short videos, however due to the density of the subject matter and the amount of text, the decision was made for to be presented in this alternative format.

In this mini-guide I have collated a series of tips and advice on how to effectively optimize your early business practices in a way that is suitable for future content creation on various social media platforms. This guide is intended to be a great way to line out the groundwork and set strong foundations for anticipating growth with social media for anyone looking into running their own social media accounts. It aims to simplify the process of choosing platforms and creating content in an easy-to-follow format.

This guide is not meant to be too in-depth or comprehensive, and as such gives generalised advice. It encourages the reader to do their own market research and their own planning to boost their social media visibility and gain confidence in independent content management. As it was originally intended to be series of videos, the early stages of the artifact were divided into separate categories. This enabled the guide to be formatted clearly with little to no unnecessary content.

In addition to the foreword and conclusion pages, the main content body is divided into three subcategories: Identity, market, and content. I have chosen to format the artifact in this way to create a clear path through the material. The guide advises that the information and advice within is best followed in order, as each sub-category contains steps that will help in the next ones. Each sub-category has three points of advice with a simple heading preceding each one. This makes the information easier to reference as well as remember.

The guide also uses the #FIST methodology as a starting point to most of the advice given within the text. Throughout the guide the principles of the FIST methodology are reiterated as a constant reminder to the reader not to become overwhelmed. When writing the guide – which was originally to be the transcript of the videos I was going to create – I also followed the subject mantra of “the medium is the message”, using this as my own guideline for the content.

The design combines bright and muted colours of the Pantone 2017 “Greenery” colour palette entitled Transitions. This is a modern colour palette paired with bold and simple fonts to ensure the content is easy to read and easy to follow. I avoided the use of graphical images to emphasize the content itself.

Throughout the creation of the mini-guide I relied heavily upon my own experiences with the subject matter presented to formulate the advice given, and as such there are very few references used. There are also no references in the text itself however the list below includes some resources that I have read throughout the semester and may have influenced the content in the artifact.


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