[Week 4] The Medium is the Message II: craft, and the logic of digital making

With the help of this handy dandy online tutorial, I made my own glitch art from photoshop! I took a still from my video from last week of all the social media icons, changed the background to white (so as not to potentially blind anyone), and played around in photoshop.

This week we looked at the aesthetics behind glitch art – among other things – but I happened to really like this topic so I’ll look at this. As the ideas channel touched upon in one of our recommended videos for this week, glitchiness is fun and nostalgic; a result of the technology we grew up with not working perfectly.

My first experiences with these kind of glitches really came to me with the infamous Missingno glitch in Pokemon Blue (Or rather as corrected by my research, the (‘M 00) glitch in pokemon blue). This is where, as a young child, and mildly freaked out, I became aware of what happens when you mess with the data of the game and unexpected results were delivered.

This opened my eyes and I became more aware of what happens to other technology as it fades. For instance, watching the Titanic on VHS soooo many times, that the tape wore out and I was no longer able to watch the hilariously tragic scene that is the man jumping to his death and then giving his best fidget spinner impression upon hitting the propellor (I was quite a sadistic child).

So it’s no wonder that as our generation ages and begins to take over the content creation for media that the glitch aesthetic is becoming more ingrained within media culture. What was once associated with grunge, due to it’s ‘broken’ aesthetic, is now considered to be beautiful and artistic in the way of manipulating the data intentionally to deliver a completely different result. Datamoshing is a wonderful example of this and has been used in many film clips, as well. This film clip is a great example of the results of the process and the way it’s achieved.


Speaking of all things glitchy, and faulty, and generally a mess…
I created a parody meme of the badly translated quote from the game Zero Wing in which the antagonist proclaims, “all your base are belong to us!”. I decided this would be a great quote to appropriate and stick over my glitch art, given the cyber-punk sci-fi nature of the game itself.