WIP Instagram – Good for Business

“With the Facebook ship all but sunk,” Begins a 2015 article by Ivan Adriel in the Veterinary Ireland Journal, “businesses are now on the lookout for a platform where they can actually be seen and heard”. Facebook, however, is not the only platform that is becoming oversaturated and hard to market with. Navigating Google’s SEO methods can be daunting and confusing, almost forcing you to dig deep and pay someone else to get you at the top of the listings. Digital directories such as Gumtree are becoming borderline extortionate to put your businesses above the competition.

Enter Instagram – still quite new territory when it comes to being used by businesses as a platform for advertising. It can be hard to think of Instagram without prejudice as the platform makes headlines – how selfish selfie-takers ruin spots of national importance for ‘that’ shot, how “influencers” are gaming the system to gain free merchandise or accommodation, how the platform perpetuates a culture of body image that negatively affects mental health – but looking beyond that and learning how the platform truly works can be truly beneficial to not only creative-based businesses, but all businesses.

With all platforms, Instagram has it’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s accessibility can mean that it is hard to stand out, and it may become tempting to pay for post boosting. This can seem counter-productive when trying to minimize cost but maximise effectiveness of reach and getting the message heard to drive profits. Among the challenges is curating the message in a way that the Instagram crowd will actually interact with it – it can be done, however.

point 1: Other platforms are dying.


point 2: Instagram is accessible


point 3: It is beneficial for ALL businesses


point 4: Pros and Cons and what to look out for


Conclusion: Reiterate how easy instagram is, that it IS beneficial


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