ICP/BCM206: Blog Post 8: Week 9

This weeks meme brought to you by:

The social network revolutions: #mena #arabspring #maidan

Remember Corey Worthington?

A careless teen who posted an open invite to a house party in 2008 that soon saw his parent’s house and his neighbourhood trashed as mass mobs converged on the property.

We began hearing about more parties being crashed due to careless or accidental oversharing on social media. We began to see social experiments about what the consequences of public information was. We all learned a valuable lesson: learn how to use privacy tools – and keep your address off the internet.

Then we began to see that power used to rally together.

The rise of social media as an organisational tool began to terrify oppressive governments. It was rapid and fast; the attempts to silence turned into mass protests.

And then we saw an entire country fall into silence. Unable to control the internet – they took it away. Still they protested. And the governments learned a valuable lesson: you cannot keep your corruption silent in this digital age.




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