ICP: BCM206: Blog Post 7: Week 8

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Bridges made of pebbles: social media and the transformation of journalism

It’s no secret that traditional news media is struggling to keep up with the digital age.

Now there is an abundance of information freely flowing, it is hard to maintain attention. With so many voices, it can be hard to remain relevant.

We see trends of the truth being twisted and warped by chinese whispers through bloggers and Facebook sharing. Fact becomes muddled with opinion.

Thus, we find the value in truth and information: is it true, is it quality, is it relevant?

Through this, we find the rise of clickbait articles. Headlines that grab your attention for the cheap click, with next to no information of value hidden within. We see massive media companies hiding their quality ‘truth’ behind paywalls.

We see the rise of microblogging platforms like Twitter becoming legitimate new sources by following a hashtag and pulling the truth from a million different collaborative voices, disregarding the outliers.



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