ICP/BCM206: Blog Post 6: Week 7

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iOS vs Android: the two futures of the mobile net

I was always a sucker for free stuff.

I could never afford Photoshop as a teenager and used GIMP (an open source alternative) for quite some time before the wide world of P2P sharing was opened to me.

And so, when the battle of iOS vs Android gained traction, I watched with interest at the two platforms developing. I wasn’t able to invest in either at the time to try them for myself, but friends around me battled as to which was the superior platform.

I got myself a touchscreen smartphone embarassingly late, not wanting to let go of my precious buttons. Previously, I was seen on busses with my hands full, iPod nano in one hand, and Nokia e63 in the other. That Nokia was a tank and even survived a salt water swim – the nano felt light, dainty and fragile.

By the time I joined the smartphone world I had developed quite a creative soul and a desire for customisability – and thus I was drawn to the Android crowd.

After working in a phone store for a couple of years, I found it very hard to even consider wanting to use an iOS device ever again. It felt stifling, too simple, too guarded. I liked the freedom Android gave me.

That said though – it seems both platforms are now converging. Apple’s “usability” and Androids “freedom” seem to be going both ways, with Android no longer as open source and updating as frequently, and a lot more regulated; while iOS seems to be pitching itself to creatives more and more.

It would be interesting to see what the future holds for both platforms – whether or not they’ll even be recognisable as separate entities.



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