ICP/BCM206: Blog Post 4: Week 5


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The attention economy and the long tail effect

We are in the digital age.

With complex computing devices in everyone’s pockets that are all connected to each other, we all have the power to connect and share information and opinion.

But the more and more we connect, the more voices are contributing, the harder it is to hear them.

Information is now free and accessible to everyone. Gone are the days of having to spend half a day in the library to find the etymology behind whichever word popped into your head late at night. Contributing, however, is also free, low risk, and easy.

With the abundance of so much information, how does one even become heard?

This is what the long tail power laws help explain. There is an overabundance of the most popular content which is all but drowned out by major media aggregates. However as people begin to look for more specific, specialised and niche content, the amount of information available dwindles.

Thus we find the long end of the tail – through providing unique yet relevant content, we can capture the attention of people who move deeper than major media.

Want to be heard?

Find that niche.


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