ICP/BCM206: Blog Post 11: Week 12

The last meme of the year is brought to you by:

The internet of things: from networked objects to anticipatory spaces

In the last blog post I mentioned how the ‘Internet of Things’ was being hijacked in a new age of cyberwarfare. But what exactly is the internet of things?

At it’s most base level – it is things connected to the internet, far beyond your standard user-based interactive console. The explosion of ‘smart devices’ and appliances has boomed since mobile connectivity has improved. You can now have your toast popped, kettle boiled, and house a perfect temperature with all the lights on before you even leave your bed, controlling it all with that little, powerful device we all keep in our pockets.

This was not convenience we ever really needed, yet now we continue to find new ways to streamline our days with thanks to the internet, micromanaging our lives by connecting everything together. But such convenience comes at a cost – by merging our everyday lives more and more into the digital, by relying on our devices to run everything, we open up vulnerabilities that only would have been thought of in cyberpunk fiction years ago. As we go down this rabbit hole, privacy becomes more scarce. Surveillance becomes easier.

We even become less human.

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