ICP/BCM206: Blog Post 10: Week 11

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Dark fiber: hackers, botnets, cyberwar

Did you know your toaster could be mining bitcoin for someone else?

As though we weren’t already in a dystopian cyberpunk future enough, we discovered that if it could connect to the internet, it could be hijacked and used for malicious intent – no matter what it was. Thus began the age of toasters spying on you.

As trivial as it sounded, internet-connected appliances around the world – fridges, cctv, baby monitors – were all vulnerable to be hijacked and used for botnets, as the Mirai malware incident showed us. On a small scale it doesn’t sound like much, but when linked up, the ever expanding botnet was able to launch record breaking and incredibly high scale attacks.

The internet of things has become a new way of waging cyberwarfare, drawing inspiration from the early days of internet network distribution to take down centralised networks. Once again the nodes rise.



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