BCM206: Blog Post 1: Week 2


Todays meme brought to you by week 2’s topic:

A global nervous system: from the telegraph to cyberspace

The excitement of your mobile device vibrating in your pocket is long gone, the novelty replaced by apathy, the custom ringtones replaced by silence.

The luxury of modern communication is taken for granted. We spent decades marvelling with wonder and amazement at each technological advancement that brought us closer together, only to have that suddenly erased in the space of just a few years as our networks became overloaded with noise, spam and scammers.

It makes it very easy not to care about how amazing and broad our international communications networks are – how huge and vast they are.

It seems easy to forget the global nervous system’s mimicry of our own human nature, both socially and internally. How each wire and method copies our real social networks, and each connection sings its own rendition of a song made by our bodies when we carry messages from our brains to our parts.


Centre: a mammalian brain neural network mimics that or a decentralized network.
Right: The central and peripheral nervous systems mimic a centralized network.


3 tweets:

  1. I find it creepy that Artificial Neural Networks mimic natural human networks so perfectly. #networking #bcm206
    (shared link: https://becominghuman.ai/natural-vs-artificial-neural-networks-9f3be2d45fdb)
  2. I received a spam message made to look like it was from myself. Do people with amnesia think they were scammers in a past life? #scam #spam #bcm206
    (shared link: https://tech.co/getting-a-call-from-your-own-number-its-a-phone-scam-2018-05)
  3. Kinda sad that we have become so apathetic about calling each other now. Remembering the early 2000s when mobiles were so cool. #goldenyears #customringtone #bcm206
    (shared link: https://www.news.com.au/technology/gadgets/mobile-phones/how-the-smartphone-generation-killed-the-phone-call/news-story/ed02d621b55c78a56aa1fbbc0d8c9239)


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