Wk 9, Pt. 7 – Abstraction of IP

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Shark Tank: The card game?

The game idea that I’ve been developing is a relatively simple concept to begin with for my game, Start Up!, so the abstraction of the game itself is very minimal. In fact, I’ve yet to come up with more than one ‘restrictive’ rule – ie, rules stating that a player CANNOT do something. The rules I have developed are basically general guidelines for gameplay. I am still finessing the details of the wordplay for said rules, but the basic gist of the instructions is as follows:


  1. There is a large shuffled deck containing a mix of adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs (I am currently balancing the percentage of these mixes). This is placed in the center of the circle.
  2. Each player (entrepreneur) takes the turn at being the judge – aka. investor – (go around the circle clockwise). The investor draws three cards at the beginning of the round and places them in the center face up for all to see.
  3. Each other entrepeneur then has 30 seconds to write down as many ideas for a start-up business or product as possible on a notepad.
  4. After the conclusion of the 30 seconds, each entrepreneur reveals their ideas. The investor then picks what they deem to be the best idea that they would ‘invest’ in. This entrepreneur gains 3 points.
  5. The other entrepreneurs then get to choose one other idea that they will grant points for creativity into. Each entrepreneur has one point to grant per round, and they cannot pick their own idea.
  6. Make sure to keep count of your score throughout the game. The players may determine how many points to set the goal at, which will also determine the game’s length. Otherwise, the standard would be first to 15 points.
  7. There is a potential for other formats for the game – speed rounds, shark tank, etc – to be added as further expansions, or for each player to make as they go.

In fact, perhaps the most complicated part of this entire process is settling on a preliminary list of words that is fair and balanced. For instance, ensuring that there is not too many adjectives in the list. This is probably the biggest abstraction point for this particular game, as the player will never know just how much degree of thought went into this part of balancing such a simple game. The scoring system draws inspiration from games such as Quiplash (Found in the Jackbox games) and Cards Against Humanity, however each player is in charge of keeping track of the scores and are trusted to be fair and honest. Perhaps in future to assist with keeping track of fairness, I may implement a token system, as well as include a ‘timer’ in the box of each play pack.


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