Week 4: Opportunities in my Field

There are two fields that I am trying to break into for my own career; photography and general digital media (anywhere in TV, online, or film industries). I have already considered my pathways into both – however I am still always on the lookout for new opportunities.

There are two ways of breaking into each industry: to work for a company, or to freelance. Currently I would call myself a freelance in the photographic industry, but I intend to work for a company as my way into the media industry.

For the sake of this week’s exercise, I will be working my way up the chain to my ultimately desired position/dream job of Creative Director of a company. Generally, a creative director is a graphics design position – however this may also apply in other fields as well, such as for TV shows or even video games.

Example of a hierarchy in a graphics design agency.

As Creative Director, I would be the top of the hierarchy; I would have a team of people and head larger projects which my team would then work on. I would be in charge of coordinating the team and maintaining consistency, deadlines, and negotiating the project with the client. Generally, to reach the top, you would start right at the very bottom of the hierarchy and work your way to the top – be a part of the team and then take the promotions as they come.

For example, if I wanted to become the Creative Director of say… WIN Television (I wish!) I would start by applying for an internship with the television station to get some experience on the job – and then apply for a job editing tv shows or news. After a couple of years, should a managerial position open in the editing suite, I would take that, and then keep climbing the ladder as promotions become available.

I know that WIN has a few internship positions available every year – so I need to act soon to apply for them as they are in high demand. Fortunately, due to my past studies and my current degree, I do have a chance of being successful in applying. WIN always has positions available from time to time, varying in nature – so it is a mix of being informed as to what position is available, experience in the field, as well as having good references as well. I would be open to moving around the country if necessary.

The careers page can be found here; at time of writing there is only one position available in Wollongong advertised – a Broadcast Digital Technician – which is an engineering job for someone experienced in that field – so not something I could do. In this case, hoping the internship would lead to a job offer is the best option at this point.

There’s also the issue of having appropriate references. I have a few in the way of teachers and a few friends that I have in the industry. I also have a contact fairly high up in the media industry that has said they are happy to be a reference for me.

I guess time will tell.

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