Week 2 pt. 2: Let’s Talk Artefacts, Baby.

Okay, well yesterday’s post was a bit of a cluster…mess. I talked about so much yet never even thought about my digital artefact – that terrible meme just put me in such a bad place.

I still get nightmares thinking about it.

I have done a digital artefact before for DIGC330 (Digital Asia), however that subject focussed on the auto-ethnographical approach to study, whereas this subject requires a little bit more academic research… Which I’ll admit, is not my strongest suit. However for the purposes of this blog post, I’m just going to throw some ideas at the wall and see what sticks. It’s time for…. a mind-map.

This pretty much mimics the state of my room right now – it’s a total mess.

Okay, let’s make sense of this thing. My mind maps have a tendency to never be understood by anyone but me. I’m going to give that a positive spin and just say that it’s because my beautiful mind is somewhat unique.

In the centre, we have “BCM112 D.A.: “The Medium is the Message” – basically what the entire artefact needs to revolve around.

I have split this up into the two categories, Medium and Message. Underneath medium I have thrown out ideas and concepts relating to medium, and on top of message I have done the same. The lines obviously connect similar concepts or create pathways that form ideas.

In the Medium corner:

  • Medium: What can I use to convey my message?
    • Cross medium – OR just one medium?
    • Video: Youtube, Vimeo OR Twitch/Streaming
    • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    • Combination: Videos on social media – optimised for the platform
      • Quality: to make it appropriate for all platforms… OR to make the content for ONE platform and then manipulate it to work for other platforms?

In the Message corner:

  • Message: What am I trying to say?
    • News, reviews, or instructions/learning?
      • Why not all 3? Create a channel and focus on ONE subject (ie. Photography?) and share related content for all 3
    • To create something useful for others… Should I focus on the medium OR the message?
      • Why not both? Focus on the core concept, and make the medium being the message literal!

I now have a decision to consider by the end of the week so that I can begin working on my pitch… What should my message be – and what would be the appropriate medium to convey said message?

Perhaps I could make the medium the message, and the message the medium…

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