Week 2: A Brief overlook at my main practice: Digital Photography and Manipulation.

As stated in my previous blog post, I find it very hard to narrow myself down to one single field of practice when I think about my art creation – I feel like I am somewhat of a jack of all trades and master of none. However, strictly speaking, if I were to define what I do now as a job, and therefore a field and practice, I would say that I am a photographer.

I feel that most of my photography as it stands, however, lacks artistic presence and my camera simply serves as a tool for me to capture either what I find aesthetically pleasing, or to capture memories and moments for my clients. Ignoring my university assignments – which are artistic in nature – my two main forms of photographic practice revolve around hobbyist photography (in which I lump my macro, still life, and land/urbanscape photography) as well as portraiture (headshots, families, events, and single person photoshoots for either cosplayers or other models).

So, rather than trying to have a crash course of photography summarised in my own messy words and risk boosting the word count of this blog into the thousands, I will pop this video here and then look more at the sort of photography in the past that has influenced my artistic style now.

In terms of my own stylistic inspirations; I have found it very hard to pinpoint the exact historical movement that influences me – perhaps because my style is very much contemporary and not inspired by a particular person or movement at all. I see something that I like, that is aesthetically pleasing to me, and then I research the technical ways of achieving the matching vision in my own head.

In fact, most of my technical style also comes from looking at the work of my fellow contemporaries – I wouldn’t call these people artists per se, but practitioners of the craft. I do not believe that my work, or that of my peers, significantly contributes to the art world at all.

On the left hand side: an image similar to those that I drew inspiration for my own macro work from; on the right, my own work.

I am drawn to colour or drama in an image – I love contrasts, colour theory, moods evoked by the warmth or coldness portrayed in an image. I suppose that could also apply to my artistic practice eventually too – when I want to create work, I want to evoke certain responses, emotions and feelings in my audience. I want someone to experience more than just something on their eyes.  I want my audience to connect to my work by associating what they feel when viewing my work to similar feelings they have felt in their own life.

This is what I would like to expand upon. However to expand upon this I feel like I need to move beyond photography entirely and incorporate other methods – more than just the sight that you see from a photograph, but also creating soundscapes and engaging with something tactile – heat, or wind perhaps; perhaps drawing inspiration from various “4D Cinemas“.


2 thoughts on “Week 2: A Brief overlook at my main practice: Digital Photography and Manipulation.

    1. Thank you – I did have the MEDADADA blog for this week open in another window as I did this but I must have missed this particular exercise. I will get to this soon and have it ready by monday morning.


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