Week 2, pt. 1: Guten Morgen, meine Freunde!

I made my calendar for this semester. This about sums it up:

Actual picture of me in week 2.

I am going to have NO FREE TIME. By free time, I mean honest, scheduled time where I do nothing at all. This doesn’t count procrastination time, which is unscheduled and will happen a lot as I am a mess and I can’t stick to a schedule when I am tired (spoilers: this is all the time). Dear future employers: please don’t read this and think I won’t get your work done! It’s a very different story when money is involved (the temptation to wink here is high – but also rather inappropriate). 

So why do I have no free time? One word: assessments.

Included in said assessments are two digital artefacts – one for DIGC330 and one for this subject! So this blog post will be looking at ideas for that, as well as the class mantras (philosophies): FEFO and and #FIST.

What is FEFO?

FEFO, and not FIFO as I keep mis-identifying it (thanks to my former TelCo work experience) is Fail Early, Fail Often (not first-in, first-out!).

Fail Early, Fail Often: The process is iterative and nonlinear; prioritizes experimentation and rapid prototyping; all mistakes are non-critical as long as you iterate #FIST.

(From the Prezi…)

What do I make of this? Well I can be quite literal at times. I can also be quite linear, however. Although my studies in MEDA301 would absolutely love this methodology (I will hold off on introducing it to my lecturer, however) – this was something I have always struggled with. I love my lines. I love my structure. Yet I lack the logic to do something constructive with that.

Unlike of course “Bomie”, the moniker of a software-engineer-online-contact of mine. He offers the following sage advice:

Public void doWork(){
 Throw new unsupportedexception();

(It essentially means do your work. Thank you, Bomie.)

I generally like to have an idea of what I’m working towards, and I tend to plan scrupulously to pull that off. Sometimes this can bite me in the arse and progress is killed off by my previously mentioned procrastination problem. This generally means I don’t leave a lot of room for experimentation or failure. When said failure occurs, to me it is huge and totallygetsinthewayofeverything!

So I am to get used to this not-as-uncommon-as-I’d-like-it-to-be concept of failing early and failing often – for through each failure, we learn a lesson, and through each lesson, we come closer to success. Cue Coldplay’s Fix You playing in the background.

You are quite welcome to listen to this while reading the rest of the blog post.

So we’re prototyping now. We’re making progress, experimenting, finding what works and what doesn’t. We find that listening to Coldplay is actually soul-draining so we turn that racket off. These failures don’t matter because they become lessons – or do they? Cue #FIST – an acronym which most of my friends will snicker childishly at. However, context is key, so with that in mind…

What is #FIST?

A methodology that is unfortunately, widely adopted by US Military weapons developers (of course, right?) – FIST stands for Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny. It is a great methodology to follow when prototyping, and may even lead to bigger and better ideas. Once again, though, I have a tendency to over-complicate things in this context. My biggest downfall when making a project is dreaming big, then having to scale back when I realise my limitations.

Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny: A methodology used for making digital media artefacts; to move fast and be biased towards rapid prototyping; to use inexpensive components whenever possible; to simplify as much as possible, optimize for memes rather than films; to build in small components – optimize for the bazaar rather than the cathedral.

(From the Prezi…)

Well, might as well jump right in then, shall I? I present to you, this absolutely awful, please don’t judge me, Sanic meme that I have created. I’m ashamed to say that this is 100% my own work and any other student that has had something similar… well let’s just say, great minds?

Update: You can find this under my Imgur account here but I am not submitting this to the public and compromising my “liked” notoriety status.

I… Think I need to lie down. I will have to leave artefact prototyping for another day. This needs no explanation if you are at all familiar with the sanic meme. (If not, please google it – I need not soil my eyes further).


I’m done.

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