Week 1: Hello, World!

Or if you prefer;

Public class out { 
 Public void main (){
 Console.out.writeLine("hello world");

(Thanks to Bomie for that one)

Well this is going to be one interesting semester!

Hello to fellow fellows studying BCM112 this semester – I am your host fellow classmate, Chloe. I am currently going on to my God knows what year this is at uni – although I am officially doing 3/4 of my course load as 300-level subjects – so I guess that makes me unofficially a third year student?

I am now on my third helping course – I initially started out with a Bachelor of Creative Arts, with a Digital Media major. I then decided I wasn’t a fan of all the artsy stuff, and transferred into the even artier Bachelor of Digital Media. Deciding that this was still too arty, I decided to do what any sane person would do and transfer into a Bachelor of Arts.

So now I am studying a BA and doing a double major in Photography, and Digital Media and Communications. Which is why I’m here, introducing myself to the rest of you.

I don’t really have much to say that’s meaningful, other than hello.


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