Draft Proposal

One Sentence Summary of Project:

Exploring materiality and using materials to craft different objects that are not representative of the original object.

Initial Concept:

To explore materiality using a range of different media, using craft practices such as shredding, crochet, and knitting to create something unexpected; for example, taking a canvas photo print, shredding it, and turning it into a crocheted blanket; or unravelling a second-hand knitted jumper and turning it into an artwork canvas for painting on.

This relates to my practice of expanding photography into materiality by incorporating my photographs into the project.

It does not build on previous works; rather branching out into a completely new direction. See Fiona Hall’s works for reference.

Feedback: Expand on ways that photography may be incorporated into the piece.


A series of wall ‘prints’ mounted to the wall; crocheted tapestries and papercrafts will be mounted into or onto frames and hung, or strung down from the roof. Sizes of the projects will range from huge (3x3m) to small (15cm x 15cm).

The work would be suited to a room with walls. Rather, large walls that are able to actually fit a large scale wall print.

I may need bigger knitting needles…

Feedback: Find a reliable way of mounting the huge tapestry piece to the wall and sourcing the materials

Audience engagement:

Depending on where the work is displayed, the audience may end up walking past it. I expect only a few people to be truly interested in the work and the concept behind it.

I anticipate most people briefly looking at the works and moving on to something more interactive; however I expect further engagement should the audience member be aware of the way the materials have been transformed.

The impact may prompt the viewer to consider more carefully the materials they surround themselves with.

Feedback: Perhaps encourage interaction by allowing the audience to touch the objects

Logistical notes:

I aim to work on the larger parts of the project first and the smaller, or more expensive parts further on in the semester. The advantage of this is that should I not have anything besides the largest ‘tapestry’ completed, I will still have something very large and meaningful to show. I will also not be out of pocket any unexpected expenses should they arise.

This is a project I intend on pursuing alone, using the skills in knitting and crochet that I have recently developed.

Feedback: Set a goal for how large and how many pieces should be incorporated. Make note of the original materials used, ie. Accompany with images of original materials or written words for sizes/description or abstract representation of object.

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